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Alumni Divestment Support

Greetings Bates alumni! Thank you for your interest in our on-going campaign to divest our school’s endowment from the fossil fuel industry. We encourage you to get involved with the movement, share your thoughts, criticisms, and make your voices heard. The endowment is a lasting legacy of alumni philanthropy and continued alumni generosity, it should therefore reflect the values which the Bates experience has instilled in us all.


Wouldn’t you like the ease of mind knowing that you can donate to Bates without supporting the dirtiest and most polluting corporations in the world? Maybe you would donate more if Bates did decide to divest from fossil fuels, what do you think? 

Please show your support by signing our petition by following the link below.  An email will be sent to the Advancement Office alerting them of your concern with the endowment and that it will influence your decision to donate in one way or another. See the letter’s text on the petition page.

We would encourage you to write your own personal note to share your reasons for supporting divestment and how Bates’ values have shaped that view. Thanks!



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